KiDi Shares Experience Of How A Female Fan Held His Manhood (VIDEO)

KiDi has talked about how a female fan held his manhood while he was present at his friend’s birthday party.

According to him, the surreal incident happened when the non-Ghanaian woman asked to take a photo with him. He couldn’t help but just walk away.

He added that the lady’s friends and other people returned to say sorry to him. KiDi warned that ladies should stop doing that to artists because it’s very inappropriate regardless of the crush they have on them.

The VGMA Artiste of the year told AJ Akuoko-Sarpong in an interview;

“I went to a birthday party (TwinsDntBeg), I wasn’t planning to perform but there are my brothers ao I did a couple of things so when I got down, this girl approached me and said she wanna take a picture with me.

“Obviously she wasn’t from here (Ghanaian), I was like cool cause I am a nice guy. When she was crossing to the side she stood in front of me. She was taller than me, I was looking at her and she just grabbed my manhood. After she laughed and said she’s heard things about me.

“I just walked away and I didn’t say anything. I just left so her friends and certain people that I know came to say that they were so sorry…we don’t talk about these things but if it is a guy they claim he likes it. What I portray doesn’t give you the chance to…I want people to be respectful. there is nothing wrong with showing love but be respectful. I will never walk to a female artiste that I love and inappropriately touch them,”



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