My Pastor Always Prays Before He Eats My Vanilla – Lady Shares Story

It’s disheartening and disappointing to hear news about supposed men of God of the Christian faith abusing the name and banner of Jesus Christ and using it for their selfish needs.

These crops of leaders of the Christian faith constantly soil the good works of those doing the right things urged us to do. They constantly abuse and take advantage of their gullible followers and congregants. Ripping them off the little resources they have and some of them go to the extreme of sleeping with their female congregants.

A lady who has been having an affair with her Pastor shared her story on social media with Auntie Momoza a relationship and lifestyle expert. She explained that she enjoys having a secret romantic relationship but what she enjoys most is how the pastor prays before they “do the do”. She reiterated that the pastor is very good in the act and has never left her unsatisfied. Information is in this world folks!

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