Mad Woman Miraculously Gives Birth Successfully On The Streets Without Any Medical Aid

God works in mysterious ways and that’s a legitimate fact. Regularly we see occurrences that overwhelm our human understanding and normalcy.

One of these occurrences is a madwoman who gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy without the help of any hospital staff and even a local midwife.

It’s simply mind-bursting because the new mother is mentally unstable hence the need for concern for the baby’s life and safety. However, the new mother proved all the odds wrong and successfully delivered a handsome baby without any help whatsoever.

From observations, the baby boy was in perfect condition and properly being taken care of in an incomplete establishment. The troubling question terrorizing the minds of every eye that sees this miraculous childbirth is: Who’s the father of the child because the baby looks more like a white baby.

There have been many troubling rumors and whispers that some members of the money ritual cults have been sleeping with mad women to increase their wealth and we ask, is this one of such cases?

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