I Don’t Stop Eating My Boyfriend’s Cassava Until He Collapses – Lady Shares Story

Things are happening behind closed doors that simply make us question the purpose of human existence.

People have very weird and awkward fantasies they relish or would love to play out and if they don’t get that nothing you do for them would be enough. Some of these fantasies might even cost the lives of others.

One of such fantasies was shared by one social media influencer by the name of Orda Mide on Twitter and it’s not surprising that it has gotten social media talking.

According to Orda Mide, she’s very wild when it comes to playing the Adult game to the extent that she doesn’t stop until her partner falls unconscious or passes out (faint).

Her boast and brag were challenged by men who deemed themselves capable enough to withstand her supposed whereas some lambasted her for her uncivil utterances. She made this statement on Twitter to her over seven thousand followers and has since been trending on other social media platforms.

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