Don’t Think I Am An Ashawo Because Of The Dirty Images I Share On Social Media

A social media influencer who prides herself as a flexible artist because of how she can bend and turn her body around like an elastic band has fired wild shots at her audience to stop objectifying her just because of the flexible images she shares on social media.

In other words, she blasted her audience who are mostly males to desist from thinking she’s an ashawo or some object meant to satisfy their pleasures.

This didn’t sit well with a lot of her followers and created a thread of wild arguments and debates under her post.

Many of her followers were simply fumed at her guts to think she has the power to dictate what and what people shouldn’t think. Others, however, argued that they are free to perceive her however they like because that’s exactly the impression she creates with her photos.

How can I not address you as a police officer when you are wearing a police uniform and performing police duties.?

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