Don’t Be Deceived: No Cream Or Medicine Can Increase The Size Of Your Cassava After 21 – Doctor Reveals

Contrary to popular belief that creams, medicines, and even some specific set of exercises can enlarge the cassava of any man who applies any one of these methods, a social media user has a different point of view that doesn’t go in line with the accepted beliefs.

A social media account with the name of Dr. Olufunmilayo shared mind-blowing revelations on why men should stop buying and applying medicines in the name of enlarging their cassava. He explained that a man’s cassava stops growing after the age of 21 hence all these creams and medicines are scams.

He reiterated that there’s a lot of misinformation and this is one of the huge lies and misconceptions we have grown to accept as the truth in our society. Olufunmilayo added that the size of a man’s cassava doesn’t determine how strong, powerful, fertile, or masculine a man is and furthermore. He concluded that we have placed a lot of unrealistic and exaggerated expectations on a man’s cassava that is simply ignorant and ridiculous.

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