Did You Know That Some Waist Beads Negative Energy? – Here’s All You Need To Know

Beads are jewels that bring a spark to the waistline and brightens the entire divine sculpture of a woman’s body.

African and black women are mostly seen wearing beads but due to the irresistible beauty and compliment, beads give to the woman’s body, females from all races have started patronizing it.

It’s no secret that men love to see a woman wearing their beads. It adds a bit of taste to the buzz if you know, you know.

Some Ghanaians expressed their opinions about beads and it was very entertaining. The very controversial of the opinions was a social media user claiming to have heard that some beads are possessive of bad and good energies. We couldn’t understand what she was trying to say but everything has a good and bad side right?

As expected, most of the men who commented on the subject urged women to use beads often since they love them so much. So the question we ask today is; what are your thoughts on beads? Let’s get interactive.

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