Stop Eating Salts With Iodine And Eat Local Salts Instead – Here’s Why

Social Activist Abeiku Adams Ekumfi has cautioned that the general public should stop eating salts with iodine  and usage of iodine salts in our meals.

The vibrant social activist who’s also a farmer and a writer explained that the source of iodine is still yet to be known hence it’s unwise to consume it.

He reiterated that our local salt has been serving us for generations and he advised that we go back to consume that instead of iodinated salts. Abeiku Adams Ekumfi believed that the consumption of salts with iodine has had a major impact on the high rate of kidney diseases in the country.

He wrote;

“We still don’t know why KIDNEY DISEASE is on the rise in Ghana now and your rented government is not making any effort to know. So, while we are at it “praying” for help like the WRETCHED OF THE EARTH we have become as African People, SANKOFA the natural Salt your Ancestors ate for many centuries. Avoid that substance since they are unwilling to reveal the source of the purported IODINE. Is it from a tree? Let them show us so we can plant our own. Is it mined from some magic hole? Where is that hole?

Read my article “WHY I DON’T EAT SALT WITH IODINE” on July 25 2011 Chronicles, Daily Graphic, and Ghanaian Times center spread.

The article spread like a bushfire across Africa that year. Google search spewed up websites in Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mali, Tanzania, etc making it headlines. Then they started taking it off. They’ve wiped it clean off the internet. To read my argument, get the 25 July 2011 publications of Ghanaian Times and Daily Graphic.”

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