Save Money: Protect Your Data And Airtime Using This Strategy

Save Money: Protect Your Data And Airtime Using This Strategy. How to protect your MTN, Vodafone, Airteltigo, Airtime, And Data. Ghana has one of the most expensive telecommunication charges on the continent and it can be overwhelming.


Expensive data and call charges/telephone bills, yet poor reception and slow data is the nightmare most Ghanaians face from these telecommunication networks.


However, even though Ghanaians have slow and poor networks Vodafone and MTN Ghana are leading in the attempt of constantly making efforts to give its Ghanaian consumers effective/better services.


Today, we will take a study on how to ensure that your airtime and data are safeguarded from unnecessary charges and deductions.


Do you know that we mistakenly subscribe to some offers that are sent our way by our telecommunication networks and they charge us for it?


Examples are caller ringtones and voicemail charges. We pay no attention to them but they eat our airtime yet they serve no importance. Rarely do Ghanaians listen or pay any heed to voicemails and caller ringtones are simply a nuisance, as a result, it’s just not wise to spend money on them.


Sometimes when you are making a phone call and you don’t reach the person you are trying to reach, there’s an option to send them a voicemail after some time. Therefore, if you are not able to reach the people on the other side of the phone, simply drop the line instead of waiting for the networks to do it for you.


Or you can simply cancel all subscriptions on your phone by typing star one, seven, five, hash for MTN users and star, four, six, three, hash for Vodafone users.

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