Top Six Young Ghanaian Rappers Who Can Murder Sarkodie In A Lyrical War

Realistically we have some of the best lyricists and rap flows on the continent.

Our very own “Highest” has been dominating the African rap scene for ages.

Let’s cut the crap! I’m an aficionado of Sarkodie’s music. His rap bars, punches, delivery and holy bonkers, that flow.

However, I recently came to an awakening that currently “our man” is not “the man” anymore in my ears. After broadening my scope and actually listening to other Ghanaian rappers, I realized that Sarkodie’s shadow has casted a very wide net hence, we don’t even pay much attention to some of these rappers. It’s not a bad thing though, it’s a perfect way to stay on top and he obviously achieved that by hardwork and perfecting his skill.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Sarkodie’s achievements should be disrespected or downplayed but I am simply worried that Opana is feeling very comfortable at the top on this rap throne just because these new kings are simply scared to poke the bear.

To the new rappers, one simple truth is clear, if you want the throne, you go for the king. There’s no other way.

I honestly feel like; in Sarkodie’s current state, some of the rappers I’m about to outline can send mandem to the cleaners, easy!

Before you start ranting, I’m not calling for King Sark’s head. Just go and listen to his “CEO flow” just the first three verses.

Sarkodie called out rappers to attack him bruh! This is not me. He said; “I’m running outta patience, I’m still waiting for the n*gga who go make I panic cos it feels like a vacation.”

Such confidence! Like there’s no actual rapper in the Ghanaian rap realms that can murder him and y’all rappers let it slide because he gave you some mileage by putting you on Biiba Ba and Trumpet? By featuring on your song? By signing you?

Can’t you see it’s a part of his strategy to reign? Let them owe you so they can’t come for you. This guy is not only a great rapper, he is a chess master. Genius! Psychological paralysis!

Once again, in a song dubbed “Wavy” with Khaligraph Jones, Sarkodie boldly stated that; he feels hurt whenever he’s compared to Ghanaian rappers, the guts!

Of course, he has a point, no Ghanaian rapper has given him a run for his money since GOD MC.

Shout out to or you say “no long talk.” Later is greater!

There are very good rappers in Ghana but the wise king has caged them under the spell of cowardice. They have become men without d**cks. I think they should be wearing skirts.

Nevertheless, I still maintain that these rappers I’m about to highlight can “body” Sarkodie if they really crave to.

Enough of the long talk; Here are the rappers GHSHOWBIZ.COM believes can dethrone Sarkodie.


Any rap lover in this country who doesn’t know Lyrical Joe is in a fake relationship with rap music.

This guy’s wordplays, bars, and punchlines are out of this universe. He’s exceptionally proficient in rap music. However, his commercial value is not much to write home about but regardless, this dude can rap. Damn! I think for me, I got to admire him when he took the mantle to get into a lyrical bout with some African rappers who were trying to disrespect Sarkodie. I think he has a powerful strength when “the beef” is hot. Go listen to his songs like; holocaust, dracarys, 5th August, etc. I don’t have an ounce of doubt that LJ can murder your favorite rapper.


I know you weren’t expecting Tulenkey on this list. I’m surprised too. I know Tulenkey for his creative music brain but not much of a rapper until I heard “undertaker” mama mia! I was like; where was this beast all this while? That recklessness, confidence, and bravery on his undertaker tune are things I admire very much in rappers. That beast he unleashed on the undertaker song can murder Sarkodie on any given day. My candid opinion. Tuley was “baring”, punching, his flow and delivery were exquisite on that song. He simply showed us a fraction of him he has been suppressing.


He needs no introduction. He’s by far my best rapper in 2020/2021. On JMJ’s riddim of the gods, Amerado revealed he dislikes being compared to Sarkodie however if they go on a lyrical bout the highest will bleed.

The rapper Amerado recently left an ongoing interview because Sarkodie’s name was being constantly thrown at him. What do you expect huh?! He’s the standard because none of you great rappers have grown the balls to knock him out. I’m not even saying this for him; Amerado is confident he can take Sarkodie on. I wonder why he hasn’t. He got what it takes.


Kwesi Arthur is a beast but it takes a different musical mind to realize since he sings more than he raps for commercial purposes perhaps. Nevertheless, don’t underestimate King Arthur. He will embarrass your favorite rapper. Check out Thoughts Of King Arthur 4&5 and let’s talk. I think Kwesi Arthur can get a reply from Sark if he attacks him because Kwesi is a huge brand as well, I’m not saying the aforementioned rappers are not but comparatively, Kwesi stands tall.


I feel like Medikal got all it takes to sit on the Ghana rap throne. He’s a very good rapper, he’s commercial and rich. He has more hit songs than all the rappers on this list. He can take on Sarkodie. This beef between Sarkodie and Medikal would be huge if it ever happens.


Everyone loves an underdog story. Goliath and David kinda stories. I feel like most Ghanaians will be very interested and we all have been secretly waiting for this bout. Since most of us are still in a limbo of what ensued between Sarkodie and Strongman Burner that caused them to discontinue working together after Strongman Burner’s contract expired at Sarkcess Music. Yeah, they released a very gentle lie of a press release but cmon we know better!

This beef would be the talk of the nation. Strongman got some venom and when he spits it’s a whole “disco winery” I don’t even know what disco winery means. Don’t bother! The truth is, Strongman, can slaughter Sarkodie lyrically and that’s not even up for debate. You and I both know this is true.

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