Top Ghanaian Pastors Who Have Been Accused Of Not Being True Men Of God

Popular Ghanaian Pastors That Have Been Accused Of Being Fake Pastors

Mathew 24:4-5; Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many.

Ghana is not short of pastors and religious beliefs. The number of Churches and Mosques in the country supersedes the number of factories we have in the country.

Ghanaians are highly religious and don’t joke with spiritual matters as a result, some people who see this opportunity, try to take advantage of it and you can’t blame them.


The influx of fake pastors in the country keeps rising daily and we can’t protect the average Ghanaian from their venom because they have been taught and programmed not to question spiritual things because they might face hardships, calamity will befall them or they might die if they do.


Therefore, they are crippled with fear and become timid, gullible, and simply dumb.


The problem is, most Ghanaians in Church today serve pastors and not God, they obey pastors and not God, the truth is, if you are a true servant of God, the holy spirit empowers you with wisdom through the word to discern and differentiate what’s from God and what’s not.


Spirit of fear and timidity is abolished from your being because your steps are directed by the holy spirit but because you’re always looking to your pastor, you can’t even quote scripture. My pastor said has become your scripture.


We take a look at some popularly supposed pastors that have been accused on several occasions of being fake.


Bishop Daniel Obinim


Just recently he was on the raider of Honourable Kennedy Agyapong for the unscrupulous behaviors that don’t portray him as a man of God. He was accused of sleeping with the wives of his assistant pastors and his female congregants.

Abortions, stealing from his congregants, and lies were tags labeled on him.


Prophet Badu Kobi


Prophet Badu Kobi was lambasted and accused of being a fake prophet for giving two fake prophecies in a space of 48 hours. First, he prophecies that Brazil will defeat Argentina to lift the Copa America trophy. It failed. He said the spirit of God revealed to him that England was going to lift the Euro 2020 trophy and that backfired as well.

He prophesied that Nigerian President Buhari will die in 2018, Donald Trump will win the elections over Joe Biden, Mahama will win the 2016 & 2020 elections.


Prophet Nigel Gaisie


New believer Moesha Bodoung, Kumawood actor Ogyam, Mzbel, and the hot seat on Net 2 TV have all accused the Prophet of being fake.

Ogyam disclosed the prophet has been having affairs with his female congregants in his Church and he’s a demonic man.

Moesha on the other hand blasted the prophet for saying that womanizing doesn’t make a man of God fake. The actress cautioned Ghanaians to refuse to be brainwashed by a fake man of God because God is pure and doesn’t condone fornication and adultery.



Rev. Obofour


Reverend Obofour is a great philanthropist however that didn’t stop Prophet Kofi Oduro and Hon. Kennedy Agyapong for tagging him as fake. Prophet Oduro in a live video targeted Reverend and blasted him for foolish and pretentious Christian and the Reverend equally responded by calling the Prophet stupid and a loudmouth.


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