VIDEO: Ghanaian SHS Couples Captured On Live Video Ch()pping In Public

Pastor Catches SHS Students “Doing It” At The Back Of His House.

The rate at which the Ghanaian youth is drifting towards vices that are of instant gratification significant is alarming.

Most Ghanaian young men and women have consumed themselves in drug abuse, adult content/pleasures, and gambling.

A popular saying by Buddha indicates that “as you think, you become” hence if we continue to allow our Ghanaian youths to walk this path, our future as a country would be in shambles.

Instead of accusing them and shaming them for their indecent actions all the time, we must also provide solutions to aid walk the right path.

A video spotted on social media platform telegram captured two SHS students “doing it” in broad daylight at the back of a pastor’s house.

Neighbors who saw them alerted the pastor and took videos of the young couple. According to the report, the pastor took them to the police station for indecent exposure, an action that affects the rest of their lives forever.


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