Wahala Come: Pastor Drops His Wife And Marries Choir Mistress

A Nigerian pastor is trending after he allegedly severed his relationship with his wife and married his choir mistress. 

According to a story from a Facebook source, Warri Akproko Special, the pastor identified as Evidence Chikason, who happens to be the senior pastor and Founder of Gracehill Christian Center in Okuokoko near Warri, Delta State had been having a secret affair with the choir mistress, Helen at the blind side of his wife.

Apparently, ‘yawa gas’ after the secret lovers got involved in a near fatal accident after returning from one of the sexual escapades and that was when people suspected they were items already.

The rumour further said when the pastor’s wife gave birth to their third child, he started ‘misbehaving’ towards her after which he accused her of trying to kill him. To this end, he reportedly sacked her out of the house and brought in Helen.

Additionally, a branch of the church was established in Ughelli, Delta state for Helen, the new wife, and she was made its overseer and has been seeing visions and performing miracles, while her husband is in charge of the main church.

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