God Told Me I Will Be The President Of Ghana Someday – Actor Prince David Osei States

In which country?— you must be asking yourself too. Actor Prince David Osei has made claims that he would one day become a president.

From the way he is speaking so passionately about it, he is convinced God would have a hand in it. Prince says there is God in each one of us and we can do with all of what He in his infinite wisdom has given all of us.

In that light, he believes he surely would be the first gentleman of the land someday.

“I will be the President of Ghana some day. In life, everybody and what God gives them. Sometimes you might look unqualified, you might [even] look like you are not the one. That has always been my story…I know who I am and who I trust in.”

We cannot wait!

Source: ghanacelebrities

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