Africans Are Fools They Can’t Even Make Toothpaste – American Lady Tracy Zille Sends Strong Message To Africans

Tracy Zille is an American lady who has sent a very strong but distasteful message to Africa and described the continent and its people as clueless, helpless.

According to her, Africans have always found themselves wanting and relied on the US and other Europen nations to get by. According to her, if not for the US, the mouths of Africans will smell as rats since they can’t produce their own toothpaste.

This strong words from this overzealous proud American lady have hit many Africans who have come into contact with his post on Facebook very hard. According to Tracy Zille, Africans must stop being stereotypical about the COVID-19 vaccine with the unimaginable explanation that the vaccine was made to kill Africans.

Tracy Zille

Tracy Zille has berated Africans and labelled them as modern-day slaves who are at the beck and call of China and other donor nations thus cannot help themselves. Therefore, Africa and its people must just shut up and accept the directives from the US or forever wallow in abject poverty, ignorance and deprivation; she said.

Kindly read all that she wrote below:

If it was not for us, your mouth would have been smelling like dead rats because even today you can’t make your own toothpaste. So shut up and take our vaccine or Die.

Colgate (Made in USA), Aquafresh (Made in Britain), Close Up (Made in England), Mentadent (Made in Canada), Oral-B (Made in USA), Sensodyne (Made in Japan).

Rich Prophets, Pastors and Bishops (Made in Africa). We produce toothpaste, you produce anointing oil and prayers.

Tracy Zille earlier wrote the following message before she suddenly deleted it. Read from the screenshot below:

What’s your view on this?

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