Meet Nafissa The Nigerian Who Learnt Twi Just To Understand Sarkodie’s Rap

Sarkodie has manifest himself as the greatest Ghanaian rapper of all time as he has been able use his rap music to break borders his compatriots haven’t dreamt of.

The most Ghanaian musician on YouTube has a lot of fans and following across the globe.

However, most of his fans outside Ghana always lament about their inability to fully comprehend what the rapper is communicating through his songs but they still love the Musician because of his impeccable flow and delivery.

A Nigerian by the name Nafissa who is also known as Auunty couldn’t tolerate her predicament of not fully grasping Sarkodie’s message in his songs because of the rapper’s dialect.

Sarkodie uses about 60-70 percent of his Ghanaian Language (Twi) in his songs and he keeps reducing the percentage due to how broad and diverse keeps growing.

Nafissa who couldn’t miss any percentage of Sarkodie’s powerful took the initiative to learn Twi to enable her to enjoy the full scope of the rapper’s talent.

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