Very Funny: Medikal Mocks Eno Barony Again

The reigning VGMA rapper of the year AMG Medikal has thrown another shot at female rapper Eno Barony once again.

After mocking Eno Barony the first time by comparing her to a corpse Medikal is back again to shade Eno.

According to the rapper, Eno Barony is back to factory/default settings, which means after the female used him to enjoy trends and be in the news, she’s finally back to the shadows.

Medikal who was ‘probably’ minding his business was dragged into a diss/beef between Sista Afia and Eno Barony.

Eno Barony accused Medikal a ghostwriter for Sista Afia and dismantled Medikal with a diss track.

However, Medikal responded by saying he’s not going to waste time to record a diss song for Eno Barony because she looks like a corpse.

Now that the whole brawl between Sista Afia and Eno Barony has gone to rest, Medikal has this to say;

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