Hack ECG: Use 50 Ghana Cedis Prepaid Credit For 6 Months

Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) can be referred to as one of the most lynched Companies in Ghana. The insults and attacks on their reputation are simply overwhelming.

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I won’t exempt myself from these attacks on ECG and I believe you are not innocent either. This Article seeks to bring harmony between the Ghanaian populace and the company that manages our electricity.

I took a toil analyzing the unfriendliness between these two parties and I came to the realization that, ECG has actually given Ghanaians a free login to hack them and enjoy sufficient electricity. Forget the “illegal connections”, it can land you in jail or leave you in debts when the officials grab you and lastly, it doesn’t portray you as a responsible citizen.

Let’s talk about the new hack that is very legal, gives you ample power supply, save you money and make you a proud responsible citizen of Ghana.

1. Obey the rules of ECG

Obey the rules of ECG and you will hack them. The first step of ensuring that you get good treatment, better service or any kind of favor from anyone is to obey them and they will naturally reciprocate the gesture. Desist from any activity that is against the ECG policy of ensuring that they give you a better service. In other words, don’t block your blessing. No offense, but I need to make this example, assuming you always demand a better, faster and effective answer to your prayers from God but constantly engage in activities that are displeasing to God. Just assume. ECG Chapter 4:7.

2. Work with ECG

Don’t be a spectator, be a citizen. Care about inappropriate activities that make work more difficult for ECG. Report such cases to the nearest authorities. One thing we seem to be unaware of is that the more we report these cases, the lesser we see DUMSOR. The person employing illegal schemes to use free electricity is the cause of government increasing electricity tariffs year after year which your innocent and diligent self, keep paying. Whilst Mr. Wise keeps enjoying free electricity because you chose to be a spectator, refusing to report his selfish and unpatriotic activities to the authorities. Hack ECG by reporting any such schemes in your neighborhood or community. The current government has reduced tariffs but if such cases are not properly checked they won’t have many options than to increase the tariffs once again.

3. Conserve power for yourself.

I believe you have heard or seen an advertisement by ECG pleading with us to conserve energy. At first, I thought it was funny since I own my prepaid meter and I use my money to purchase whatever prepaid credit.

Hence, ECG shouldn’t give a hoot about how I use electricity I purchased with my money. For crying out loud.

On second thought, I realize they were actually doing me good a big deal. I tried conserving power and the results have been outstanding. All appliances go off when they are not really needed.

It will help your wallet trust me. With the reduction of tariffs and the application of these strategies, I bet you can use as little as 50 Ghana Cedis for electricity bills in 2 months.

ECG was pleading with you to conserve electricity for your own good.

ECG together with the current governing political party is trying tirelessly to rectify some of these situations with regards to our energy supply and consumption but obviously, they can’t fight this alone.

They need us.

This is the right way! I’m no saint in these crimes but we need a change of mind for Ghana to work.

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