Fraud Alert: New Mobile Money Scam Exposed

The rate of cyber fraud and other technological scam is escalating on a daily basis.

With the availability of just a mobile device with airtime and internet connectivity, you can either scam or be scammed.

It has, therefore, become very necessary for everyone to be extremely cautious about who they are interacting with on social media or any other platforms.

Recent events have recorded a new scam scheme by fraudsters invented to extract money from your mobile money wallet.

Their strategy has worked and they have succeeded many times.

They call your number with complaints that they have made a wrong transaction to your mobile money device and seek to retrieve it with your assistance.

They back their claim, by sending you a text message designed to look exactly as the alerts you receive upon a mobile money transaction.

If you make the mistake, of not crosschecking your account balance and decide to aid them to retrieve the money they never sent, from your mobile money wallet, you are screwed.

We urge, therefore that, you stay vigilant and check your mobile money wallet frequently to stay conscious and updated on how much you have as balance in your mobile money wallet.

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