Medikal And Strongman Beef Was A Business Plan – Fella Makafui

Fella Makafui who came under severe punches from Strongman in a song targeted at Medikal claims she’s unperturbed.

In a recent interview on Luv FM, the actress cum entrepreneur revealed that she’s not bothered by the punches thrown at her by Strongman because it’s showbiz.

The actress also mentioned that, so far as the beef can be commercialized and bring in some cash for the musicians involved it’s a good beef.

The Yolo star advised that no matter what a person does, be it negative or positive, must be able to bring some sort of revenue.

When the actress was asked whether or not she wants Strongman’s apology for saying in his diss song that Fella Makafui has been sleeping with rich old men at East Legon — The actress said no.

Watch Fella Makafui’s interview below;

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    Is lie

  2. Real citystar says

    Is not business

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